The Royal Ascot 2017

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This is an equestrian competition that goes on for a week-long performed with racing. There are sixteen groups who compete against each other. This wondrous gathering is a very old British tradition dating back to the year of 1711.

It’s so popular that The Queen herself even comes to watch the games. If you would like to get a good spot in the seats to watch the game, there is, however, a rule of how you dress. It’s not exactly promised you will get the best seats in the rows, but if by chance you actually do, you cannot wear the everyday clothes that you see everyone wearing in the cities. It’s a royal look you must show off.

You can have some fun anyway though by watching the Grand Procession which is half the reason why most people attend. But of course, the biggest reason is because of the great races. Here is what happened recently.

Who Won?

It didn’t really come much as a surprise when everyone heard that The Queen Anne Stakes was won by William Buick with Ribchester. William also won the round of Windsor Castle Stakes too with Sound and Silence.

Some of the competitors who started out did have kind of a difficult time getting started and even had to not pursue the race for the good intentions of the horse, but it didn’t stop the others from running like lightning. Sound and Silence started passing everyone one by one and eventually made it all the way to the front, where they crossed the finish line making it a great day for them.

You will notice here that the same person won twice actually, and that is because of pure dedication and working very hard by practicing for the big day.

We can’t forget about John Velazquez and the horse Lady Aurelia scoring their win for the King’s Stand Stakes. That was a very close finish and people were both astounded and shocked by this one. It was something you should have gotten on camera.

Also finishing within a very short time you’ll find Stevie Donohoe and the mount Rajasinghe who passed the finish line first blazingly fast for Coventry Stakes. This was one of the few of the quickest races and it ended up being a stunner.

Winning St. James Palace Stakes was James Doyle and the runner Barney Roy. This race was amazingly quick too, but of course, they all are and it’s all over in a blink of an eye if you don’t watch carefully. For the Ascot Stakes, Ryan Moore and Thomas Hobson have the ability to boast about winning that one.

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