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What is a hybrid sport? Typically it’s when you combine one sport with another sport’s rules. This definitely spices things up. If you thought that maybe staying up to date with the latest team of football was hard, try a unique sport with very crazy rules.

However, these can be a lot of fun once you find out how they actually work. It depends on the types of games that you put together to create a new one. They have to be somewhat similar too to make things work out a lot easier.

You can’t just put two or more completely different games and jumble them up into one game. It wouldn’t make sense and then it wouldn’t be fun. It also wouldn’t be a game.

So what exactly is out there to be called a hybrid sport? There are many, and they are also not that well known.

However, that does not mean they are no less fun to play or watch. Let’s check out these unique and interesting activities.


This is about playing basketball, but with baseball rules instead. This is pretty unique and a movie was also named baseketball in 1998. It was a comedy movie and one of the reasons which it was probably so funny was because of this game.

You would have to be really bored to come up with something like this. You also have to be talented to figure out what you are actually doing to win this game too. When you mix two games up, it can be pretty confusing.


This is a game about darts and archery being combined into one. Instead of the regular target where you aim with a bow and arrow, it is instead a dart board. We can imagine that would be much trickier than the old-fashioned way.

However, we can also believe that it’s much more fun and also time-consuming. With a little target like this, you have to really pay attention to the details.


This is a cross between football and the American sport volleyball. They also include Capoeira which in itself is a sort of gymnastics that is also included. This is a huge game with many different elements in it which is sure to confuse you.

You have four different pieces to put together into one game. Also, not many people know of the Capoeira either, which is like a martial art and a dancing competition all in one.

This game also includes two trampolines in the field in which they perform on. This is used to jump on as high as they can possibly go to use any means necessary to hit the ball to the other side.

Chess Boxing

Here we have the activity of boxing, but in the other spare times, they also play the game of chess. This was created back in 2003, so it’s still a fairly new game.

If you would like to perform in this game, you have to be very skilled in both boxing and chess in order to even win, however.

Iepe Rubingh had started this game when he saw some fictional writing based on it. He decided he would bring it to life, and from then on, matches are still be drawn out to this day.

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