Is Capoeira a Martial Art or a Dance? Or is it Both?


Capoeira is a martial art that is fitted with dancing and music and other unique forms of acts. This act has been around for over four hundred years but it is still a thing that some people love to do.

It was created in Brazil, but traveled throughout the whole world. People from all over perform these unique techniques of dancing. A fun fact is that if you are known to perform this type of art, you would be labelled as a capoeirista.

While performing, you would be moving very quickly in complex actions that is hard to master, but with time, you could become a natural.

Capoeira in Present Time

When people practice this art nowadays, they are performing a martial art and also becoming a part of Brazilian culture. People touring Brazil will often experience this art too, and their life is forever changed by practicing.

This type of act is becoming more normal each passing year throughout the world.

However, this can still be confusing to some people. Sometimes when an act is performed it may look like something innocent but is actually a sort of offensive gesture. It can be confused with both.

This is a very fast, talented and often confusing art that very skilled people can do. Anyone can put their mind to it though and do it just as good if wanted.

Capoeira can be a Game

If you see a group of people performing Capoeira, you can be sure there will be fast movements and tons incredible dance-like gestures. Usually, it will seem like they are dancing with each other, but they are actually trying to be very competitive.

However, to the public they keep it clean and nice, they don’t show how aggressive things can get during this performance. As everyone says, you don’t have to be aggressive to show your superiority. This is such the case in these games.


You won’t find just people competing against each other though if you decide to join in the crowd to watch. You will also see people playing instruments to set the right tempo and attitude of the game.

There could also be the accompaniment of singing to add to the mixture. You will hear many types of songs, whether it be something about love or just about what is happening in the game, none can tell until it is heard. It can be about anything at all.

Depending on how the game is going, the tempo can go from slow to fast or even medium to go along with how they are doing.

In other words, you can probably say that this is almost something like a video game. You can see the players fighting in style and the music in the background adds life to it and goes with the temperament of the scene. It can be a very beautiful experience.


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