Is it Possible to Bet on Ice Dancing and How is it Done?


Betting on ice dancing has been around for a while. The competitions are getting numerous and the dancers are getting more fierce. There are a few great places to bet on the best dancers out there, but be sure to check out Bet9ja bonus code which might help you in placing some of your future bets.

Let’s take a look at the top ten tips for betting on ice dancing. The number eight is the most shocking one by far though it does have a point.

1. Be sure to check the odds and look for clues as to which dancers are more or less likely to win, or what dancers are more or less risky. This is a straight forward tip and should be performed first.

2. Now, once you have your favourites, go online and research them to see if they have competed on the competition you are going to bet on and if they actually ever won. Secondly, check to see their history and spot any recent wins or loses of your chosen dancer.

3. Nowadays, all kinds of information is available online, so you should visit some social media pages and read a few fan comments to see who is their pick and who would they rather see or not see as a winner this time.

4. Research sponsors of your picked dancer and how they get along. Check if there are many more sponsors waiting to work with that dancer. There is usually a reason why sponsors prefer someone and that is because they expect a good win from them.

5. Betting on dancing is not easy, just like betting on any other sport. To make it less risky be sure to split your bet on a few people instead of only on a single person. This tactic allows you to greatly reduce risk and put you closer to a well-deserved win.

6. Don’t be greedy; only bet on people you actually believe in. Only beginners bet on dancers they don’t know too much about.

7. Be sure to repeat the first five steps every season because the winning track record of the dancers changes. For instance, someone is simply more motivated this time or had a new coach so they are more likely to do better this time and they already started out great.

8. Instead of checking results every five seconds on your operator’s site, you should check your results the next day. This allows you to skip the phase of uncertainty and lets you continue to live your life normally. Keeping yourself distracted lets you accept both win and loss more easily and brings some relaxation into your life. Nobody will take your win away if you don’t watch the dancing competition.

9. Don’t bet every day. Bet every time there is a competition that shows clear winners and losers, this makes your job a bit easier.

10. Don’t bet all your betting budget. You should only bet 25% at the most at the time, so you always have a chance for a come back after a bad run. I would recommend 10% as the optimal amount for betting. Ten chances let you configure the amount of risk you want and also gives you enough time to explore all dancers and adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

There you have it- the top ten tips to live by or better yet bet by. Don’t forget to donate some of the money you make by betting online and always enjoy the dancing sports.


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