The Basics of Inventing a New Sport

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Seem easy, doesn’t it? All you need is a couple of people, or teams, along with some rules, and presto! You’ve got yourself a new sport. Personally, I’ve thought more than once about how nice it would be to make up an arbitrary sport, make it recognized worldwide, and make good use of my GiveMeBet welcome bonus that will soon allow me to bet on sports while saving money by crediting my account with some betting funds. I would easily cash it in.

As it turns out, inventing a new sport isn’t easy. It requires creativity, community support, and willingness to go into minute details. Be that as it may, should you decide to dabble in this, we have prepared a few tips for you.

Create a Variation of an Existing Sport

All you have to do is think of sports that have a lot in common with each other, save a few rules. There is no denying the similarities between tennis, table tennis, squash and badminton, but they are all separate sports. Cricket and baseball also come to mind. Heck, there are still a lot of people on this planet that don’t know the difference between rugby and football.

Create something new from something that already exists. You could invent a type of basketball where you can only dribble with your feet. Or archery with brooms instead of arrows (actually, scratch that one). The point is that you can, with a few minor changes, come up with a brand new game.

Start from Scratch

Another approach is to come up with something completely original. Will it be a team sport? How many members on each team? What is the goal, and do you need some additional equipment to play? You should also consider the point system, as well as time limits, if any.

Starting from scratch is incomparably more complicated than using an existing sport. However, it could become just as rewarding, if not more. There is the thrill of creating something brand new for the world to enjoy.

There is another reason you should embrace this approach. Should your new invention not get a cult following you believe it deserves, it is important to be able to come up with a new idea, or project. Don’t be discouraged by failure. Learn from it and grow.

Don’t Overthink

All of the sports that we know and love have come from very basic and simple forms. Complicated rules were added later, because the interpretation of the existing rules tended to differ too much from country to country, which was known to cause some frustration and misunderstandings.

Less is more. No one is going to care about a game where you have to paddle a canoe with only one foot, and then shoot a target in the shape of a duck using a basketball, even though you can only score if you hit the cut-out’s tail feathers, before 9am on a Saturday, unless you used the wrong foot, in which case all of your points go to your opponent. Was this sentence absurd and unnecessary? So are too many rules.

Engage the Community

It doesn’t matter how utterly brilliant your game is if there is no one to appreciate it. Make it about something people will enjoy. Children often come up with very interesting games by themselves. You could offer guidance with their parents’ cooperation.

If you are able to do so, it might be a good idea to mark a day every year when your new sport gets played. If people grow to like it, you could turn it into a tradition, and, subsequently, a recognized sport.

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