UK Dance Elite Championship


The Uk Dance Elite Championship is a huge honor to be in, and some people can boast about the fact they have been there. Just being there means they have the wonderful opportunity to win 5000 Euros, labeled as the king or queen of UK Dance Elite Champion and get the chance to travel to Hollywood.

Only the best will get this experience though, so you can be sure to see some very determined looks on those dancers’ faces. It’s a huge deal when you are offered so much money that can change your whole life. The great opportunity to travel too will affect your path in a good way, and let you stay positively motivated on your journey through your life.

People from the past who have participated have had the great chance to be a part of something more in their life too. They are able to get sponsors and get amazing representation for what they do to get recognized.

Who Won the December Championship?

Fabiane Leame had the greatest time being chosen as the winner in December 2017. Very diverse in her actions and very fast in her moves, it’s no wonder she amazed the judges to conclusion. You have to have a lot of practice and a lot of confidence to do what she did plus it takes a lot of courage.

The great thing about putting yourself out there to see what you can do can lead to success and big money. This means that even if you don’t make it to the top, you still made it into the rounds and that is definitely something to be proud of. If you haven’t tried, then you haven’t lived. You also get a very good chance of being there again and trying again and lucking out on maybe even bigger opportunities in the near future that you could win if you stick with it.

Who Can Enter?

To enter, you can be whoever you are, you can do whatever you do- it doesn’t matter what you are capable of. So many people have joined in this process hoping to be chosen.

Any age and any person can join as long as you can dance. There was a lot of competition and it was very hard to choose just one person to win. You can only imagine the splendid performance of Fabiane Leame to outrun all those dedicated dancers.


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